I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design
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Welcome to the IC Bookstore

Welcome to the IC Bookstore

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Hearts Linked by Courage Anthology
- Author Sheri Andrunyk
A collection of poignant and insightful stories that will live in your heart forever!

Including foreword by Barry Spilchuk, Founder of You're My Hero© Books and Co-founder of A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul©

Listen to Sheri on her book, Hearts Linked by Courage & more.
The Carole Matthew's Show on 560 CFOS - June 2011

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Paperback version signed by author is $16.95 + tax & shipping
E-Book (PDF, mobi or ePUB), $9.99 plus tax. (101 pages)

About the Book

Hearts Linked by Courage is a powerfully poignant, hope-filled collection of real-life stories, and is sure to be the first of many invaluable literary contributions created by Sheri Andrunyk. It will awaken you in your own journey, and remind you of the often similar path that others are on. It will stir compassion and healing. It is meant to move you and it will; it's meant to encourage you and it does! Why wait?! Sheri's books are designed to meet you where you're at. Read it easily and effortlessly front to back, back to front or by simply turning to a page or chapter, and know that you will get exactly what you need at that moment!

About the Author

Sheri Andrunyk has a deep passion and expertise for creating profound change and inspiring sustainable growth in her own life, as well as the lives of others. Most simply put, whether through individual coaching sessions, seminars or the written word, Sheri guides and mentors others to be better self-managers, both personally and professionally. She opens wide the doors of possibility for all she meets, and sets a beautiful example in her own life of keeping first things first, nurturing herself and those closest to her - so she always has it to give to others. Sheri believes that we all have seeds of greatness within us that we must cultivate, and use to make a difference in our homes, communities, businesses and abroad!

You can also find Hearts Linked by Courage at Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge, the Briars Spa in Jackson's Pt, ON, Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery in Sutton West, ON, Moonflowers Magical Touch Store in Stouffville, ON and Sandy's Place & Spa in Bradford, ON!

I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design