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In the Trenches
- Author Dr. Jason Profetto, MD, CCFP, Including insights by Dr. Emily Dewhurst, MD
The Daily Grind of Family and Academic Medicine
In the Trenches is thoughtfully told in a unique memoir style featuring short stories and lessons by Hamilton-based family and academic physician, Dr. Jason Profetto. The stories cover a wide array of scenarios from challenging patient interactions to the difficulties and abuse in medical school and residency, as well as life lessons surrounding sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more.

Dr. Profetto has also included some profound insights from Dr. Emily Dewhurst, a former medical student of his and current family medicine resident in Ontario. She not only imparts her own experiences during her medical education to date, she courageously describes her past personal struggles with self-harm and mental health.

As you can see, Dr. Profetto doesn't hesitate to dive into areas of medicine that few comfortably talk about and explore. He shares his journey in a genuine and honest manner, leaving readers with a tangible sense of what the day-to-day life of a dedicated family and academic physician is really like.

Don't wait to sink into the pages of In the Trenches. It's a real eye-opener.


Paperback version price, $20 plus tax and shipping (198 pages).
E-Book (PDF, mobi, or ePUB) $9.99 plus tax.

About the Author and Book

Dr. Jason Profetto, born and raised in Hamilton, attended McMaster University for his undergraduate degree in kinesiology where he focused his studies on anatomy, physiology, and sports psychology. He then attended McMaster's Medical School, and following graduation completed his residency in family medicine. He presently practices full-time in Stoney Creek with his father and colleague, Dr. Ralph Profetto.

Dr. Profetto is very active at McMaster's Medical School and is the current Chair of Clinical Skills in the undergraduate medical program. He has received numerous awards for teaching over the past few years and considers it one of his greatest passions.

Most importantly, Dr. Jason Profetto is a father to two wonderful and beautiful children, Valencia and Alessandro, and a husband to his amazing wife, Laura.
I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design