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Allan Carswell
Dr. Allan Carswell is the founder and president of the Carswell Family Foundation supporting community work in education and healthcare. He has served as a board member of several research institutes, charitable, and industrial corporations.

In 1974 Dr. Allan and Helen Carswell launched Optech Incorporated which grew to 300 employees serving global markets from its locations in Toronto, Belgium, and the United States. In 2015 Optech was purchased by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and continues today as Teledyne Optech, playing an ever-leading role in the international provision of advanced laser systems.
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In 2007 Dr. Carswell served as NASA's Co-Investigator, Meteorology, for the Phoenix mission. In recognition of their groundbreaking contribution to this mission, Allan along with his wife, Helen, and other members of the Phoenix mission team had their names engraved on a silicon mini-DVD on the Phoenix spacecraft remaining on the surface of Mars.

Dr. Carswell is a recipient of the Order of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute.
Our Lingering Farewell - Allan and Helen Carswell
~ Author Allan Carswell
Our Lingering Farewell is penned by Dr. Allan Carswell in honour of his wife, Helen Carswell; her charming spirit, extraordinary achievements and contributions, and most of all her courageous journey with Alzheimer's disease since the late 1990s. Dr. Carswell imparts the many poignant experiences he and Helen have shared, their deep love for each other and their family, their positive approach to each day and challenge, and the lessons learned he hopes will help others on a similar path. He also speaks openly about the heavy waves of sadness that weave their way through the quiet moments of today.

Helen is in late-stage Alzheimer's disease. The contrast of the vivacious and creative person that Allan shared life with for so many years with the steady reduction of her capabilities and no expectation of any improvement; it is heavy. Helen has little awareness of her surroundings and essentially no response to any external stimuli except for her active assistance when Allan is feeding her. Still, he values that they remain living at home together and he is able to support and enjoy Helen's company, knowing firsthand that she is in good overall health with no signs of pain or distress. Their precious and lingering farewell continues.

Proceeds of this publication will go to support the Toronto Memory Program and the Alzheimer Societies of Toronto and York Region.
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