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Sue Lantz
Author Sue Lantz, BA, MPA, is a passionate advocate for resourceful and grassroots housing, healthcare, and neighbourhood solutions that build connected and inclusive communities. Sue is a trusted policy expert and voice for seniors and people with disabilities. She has worked over many years in Canada to generate innovative home care and housing alternatives to institutional living. She speaks regularly on the topic of empowered aging including co-designing housing and caregiving solutions for a better aging experience.
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Sue Lantz is the Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Aging, a creative consulting firm that supports organizations, businesses, and communities to expand the options for aging in place. Working with a range of organizations, Sue delivers customized workshops on various topics related to aging. She has been engaged by provincial agencies, non-profit community care organizations, and partnered with private sector developers. Sue is currently co-leading a citizen–led housing initiative for seniors with federal funding support.
Options Open: The Guide for Mapping Your Best Aging Journey
~ Author Sue Lantz
Options Open: The Guide for Mapping Your Best Aging Journey is a unique, practical, and evidence-based road map for leading your own aging experiences. Options Open offers a "travel planning" approach to broaden your thinking and creatively make plans for your future. This guide, and its accompanying workshops, offer positive, and informed navigation about using your 60s and 70s to plan your 80s and 90s.

The Five-Strategy Framework supports you to make the best choices with your health, housing, social networks, caregiving teams, and resources. This go-to guide is chock full of ideas and worksheets to help you get ready for your journey ahead–whether traveling solo, with a partner, family, friends, or neighbours.
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