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Meet The Author
Nasima Z
From an early age Nasima Z. was compelled to write. Growing up in Georgetown, Guyana, (under British rule at the time), she was fascinated by the stories she heard of England, and this fed her desire to travel. After some island hopping to Trinidad for Carnivale and then to the Bahamas, Nasima returned home for a while, before moving to Toronto, Canada, where she resides today.
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Her love of life, music, and learning, and her uplifting perspective is woven into every reflection In My Silent Moments. She has lived a full and colourful life, brimming with grand experiences from attending the John Casablanca School of Modeling, studying briefly at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and traveling throughout Canada and the U.S. for work.

Now, she generously and courageously gives back In My Silent Moments, despite what most of us would consider significant limitations due to the challenges of past surgeries to remove two brain tumours, not to mention the onset of MS.
In My Silent Moments
Heartfelt Reflections
~ Author Nasima Z
Open "In My Silent Moments" to any page, and you will become a fan. The insights Nasima shares during her times of joy, celebration, extremes of crisis, and loss, and illness are captivating - quickly drawing you into her world and reassuring you that you're not alone in yours.

Both her reflections and poetry possess a natural flow, and her descriptive flair is very poignant and revealing. Whatever your passion too, Nasima will take you there in her realms of fantasy and spirituality. As she introduces you to familiar or new experiences, you will feel her deepest emotions and drink in her refreshing wisdom.
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