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Meet The Author
Maria Gonyea
My True and Forever Friend
A thoughtful little story about sickness and dying
~ Author Maria Gonyea
Illustrated by Jenna Stewart.

My True and Forever Friend is a story of a young boy who was very sick. He made a lovely friend by the name of Maria, with whom he played and loved to use his imagination. Sadly though, he became more ill and passed away. This sweet and poignant story discusses his passing, what heaven is like, and how everyone on earth can talk to their deceased ones even after they're gone. It provides a special comfort for children trying to make sense of death.

The author, Maria Gonyea, studied at Ryerson University, achieving her Early Childhood Education diploma; and has since been working in the field for more than twenty-five years.

Maria is also a spiritual healer who helps to empower women and encourage every child to own and embrace their true gifts. This heartfelt story was channelled by Robbie; a childhood friend of Maria's who died at the tender age of seven.
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Paperback Format
Price, $14.95, plus tax & shipping (40 pages)
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