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Meet The Author
Terri Beauchamp
Author, Terri Beauchamp, is a natural empath, Master Reiki Practitioner, ZPoint Practitioner, and Animal Communicator, who has been practicing mindful meditation for a number of years. She is a strong believer that we can benefit greatly by getting in touch with ourselves and nature, in all its beauty and wonder, and we can teach our children from a young age to practice the same.
Willow Bee The Tree - Do You See Me?
A Nature Story and Meditation Guide for Children
~ Author Terri Beauchamp
Illustrated by Jenna Stewart.
Drawings inspired by original artwork by Terri Beauchamp.

Willow Bee the Tree is a story that brings families together through mindful meditation and nature. A thoughtfully written story with rhythm, rhyme, and delightful pictures to entice children to read and enjoy the meditation exercises provided.

Children, parents, family, and caregivers alike are encouraged to read the book together and share their meditation experiences. It's time to let go of the technology for a little while and share in the human experience. Step outside and enjoy nature with your child . . .

Mindful meditation isn't something we learn in a day, it's an ongoing process; so to enhance the reader's experience even further, the author has personally narrated this adorable story and teaching in a lovely 11-minute video (val. $9.95) that you will receive totally FREE when you purchase the book below. Such a great value!

Here's a sneak peek . . .

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Paperback Format
Price, $18.95, plus tax & shipping (40 pages)
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