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Hospice Georgina
Hearts Linked by Courage - Hospice
Sharing the Caring
~ Author Hospice Georgina
Welcome to the third book in the Hearts Linked by Courage series, featuring the personal stories of people sharing the caring in the face of life-limiting illness, death, and bereavement within Hospice Georgina's circle of care. Thanks goes to a Senior's Community Grant from the Province of Ontario, for which Hospice Georgina is deeply grateful, and to Executive Director, Marie Morton, for her management of the project. More importantly, immense gratitude is extended to the amazing story contributors: volunteers, clients, caregivers, staff, and board members.

This book celebrates the joys and tears of all who have been part of Hospice Georgina since its incorporation in 1997. Hearts Linked by Courage provides an insider's view of the work done by community hospices to dispel any existing stigma or confusion as to their fundamental value. Hospice is a meaningful place of hope and dignity. We hope that people living with life-limiting illness will feel emboldened to reach out to hospice for support, like many of the stories portray, and that individuals wanting to make an earnest difference will be inspired to volunteer.

The truth is that we will all die, and we will all lose someone we love. With that will come the full range of emotions, from blissfully happy memories to the sting of loss, and the joy of getting the most from life to the fear of the unknown; and it's all normal. Embrace these stories for incredible insight into the human soul; reflect on your own journey, how you want to get there, and who you want to walk beside you.

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