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Meet The Author
Christine Fishman
Christine Fishman is a mom of two wonderful children and wife to a very supportive husband. She is also an Early Childhood Educator and self-proclaimed proud anxiety warrior. When Christine began noticing her son having difficult anxious moments, she quickly went into research mode and connected with some incredibly knowledgeable therapists. In doing so, she was able to help her son through some high-anxiety situations with the tools they had both learned. Now Christine pays it forward in this endearing little book.
Sweet Honey Kisses for an Anxious Bear
~ Author Christine Fishman
Illustrated by Steven Botelho.
Sweet Honey Kisses for An Anxious Bear is an adorable yet all-to-familiar tale of a young child, in this case Little Bear, feeling anxious and often-afraid of everyday experiences that seemed bigger than him. It also shines a light on how far a Mama Bear's love and gentle words can go, when she herself understands and encourages Little Bear to have a brave spirit and fierce mind as he takes on his day.

Writing Sweet Honey Kisses for An Anxious Bear was a labour of love for author Christine Fishman, moved by her own son's challenges with paediatric anxiety and driven by her desire to make a difference in the children's mental health field. She hopes the conversations that evolve from this little story will have a meaningful impact both at home and in the classroom, and encourage children, families, and educators to speak openly about children's mental health in a thoughtful and relatable way to foster ongoing healing and growth.
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