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Sheri Andrunyk

Founder, Publisher, Author, Mentor, Speaker

Recipient of the first Mental Health Friendly Business Award by CMHA, 2017

Creator of the Hearts Linked by Courage© series supporting the important work of the not-for-profit sector

About Us

Welcome to the I C Bookstore

Pour your favourite beverage, sink into a comfy chair, and enjoy the skilled and passionate prose of I C Publishing's authors. This platform has evolved exclusively to provide a quality space online to showcase our authors and feature their work. As you browse our catalogue, regardless of genre, you'll find meaningful, educational, and lived experience offered up in captivating layouts, charming illustrations, and down-to-earth, relatable narratives.

The acronym (I C) in our name stands for insightful communications, and can also be interpreted literally such as I see. In large part, it reflects our collective goal to inspire others with valuable teaching and mentoring, thoughtful dialogue, healthy choices, and self-awareness. Regardless of your book selections today, you're bound to be fascinated and enlightened by the many ways knowledge is shared and stories are told.

We truly do have something for almost every reader. Be sure to browse our Genre tab on the main page of our bookstore to learn more. Thank you for visiting the I C Bookstore and supporting local authors and small business owners in Canada. We appreciate your patronage and invite you tell your friends about us. There are more great reads to follow, so we hope you will come back soon.

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