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Meet The Author
Ole Madsen
The Adventures of Gilda
From her Home in the Forest to the Life of a Princess
~ Author Ole Madsen
Digital illustration by Nick Welsh.

Ole Madsen is a storyteller by nature. His wish for young readers is that they experience The Adventures of Gilda to be entertained, and to explore and develop their own creativity. Reading aloud to a child, he feels, provides a much deeper perspective. Ole's writing is delightful and engaging as he invites us to use our imagination and relish in Gilda's story. He takes us through her magical childhood years, and introduces us to her family and the forest elves. As she grows up, she is presented with an incredible opportunity ... to become a princess. From her home in the forest to her life as a princess, you'll enjoy twists and turns and interesting characters she meets along her path.
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Paperback Format
Price, $19.95, plus tax & shipping (56 pages)
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