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Meet The Author
Sheralyn Roman, BA, BEd
Sheralyn Roman is a former teacher and now writes freelance for a variety of publications. She owns Writing Right For You, a company that creates website and social media content and offers valuable communication workshops. She is also a member of Snapd Newspapers editorial staff.
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However, her most important job title has always been Mom. Sheralyn says the privilege of raising her children is the most important work she's ever done. She sits on several boards, volunteers with youth oriented non-profit organizations, and manages the HR and finance functions for a family business run by her husband.
Epic Ellie and the Invisible Dragon
A Book About Allergies for Kids and Their Caregivers
~ Author Sheralyn Roman, BA, BEd
Illustrated by Jenna Stewart.
"I'm unique because of me, not because of my allergy!" A brave and beautiful princess, who lives with tons of allergies, doesn't let them slow her down, not even for a minute. With her trusty sidekick Ellie the EPIC EpiPen©, she gets down to the serious business of school, having fun, and just being a kid!

Statistics estimate that one in thirteen or 7.5% of Canadian children live with allergies. Epic Ellie and the Invisible Dragon is a story for ALL children, written from the perspective of what it's like to be a kid with allergies; in other words, no different than any other kid. Important concepts are introduced like how to be a S.T.A.R. (Stop, Think, Ask, Read)™ and a great Allergy Buddy.

Written to inform and educate, using age-appropriate language and references, this book is suitable for teachers and librarians to read in the classroom and for parents to share with a newly diagnosed son or daughter. Big words are broken down and scary medical tests explained, all from a child's perspective.
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Paperback Format
Price: $13.95 plus tax and shipping (20 pages)
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