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Meet The Author
Bill E. Hutton
Hay Day
~ Author Bill E. Hutton
Illustrated by Steven Botelho.
Hay Day is the first book in The Family Farm Series. It's a fun and engaging tale highlighting the importance of hard work and determination. Tater, a small and tough tractor, takes centre stage to showcase his enthusiasm and teach us about the process of baling hay. Faced with adversity, Tater is able to persevere and get the job done.

Author Bill E. Hutton spent his most impressionable years living on a 100-acre farm in Tiverton, a small farming community near the shores of Lake Huron in Southwestern Ontario. Farm life was the backdrop for many of Bill's fondest childhood memories. An early love for literature was rekindled following the arrival of his two children. Now an active father, husband, sportsman, and business professional, Bill invites children of all ages and walks of life to laugh and learn through The Family Farm Series, a collection of lively illustrated storybooks that entertain and engage us on each and every page.
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Paperback Format
Price, $12.95, plus tax & shipping (20 pages).
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