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Kathleen Redmond
Kathleen Redmond, MA, MCC, is an international corporate trainer, graduate program university instructor, and executive coach who humbly supports leaders across North America in developing character-based approaches to workplace challenges. She is the founder of the Centre for Character Leadership.
Leadership By Engagement
Leading Through Authentic Character to Attract, Retain, and Energize
~ Author Kathleen Redmond
How do leaders triumph over the stress of unwanted turnover and poor performance to attain superior results? True leaders build a culture of engagement and trust in which ongoing high performance is the norm. Leadership by Engagement provides the tools, insights, and resources leaders need to attract, attain, retain, and energize the best of the workforce and ensure sustainable success. You will discover how to:
  • Create a leadership legacy built on engagement intention, principles and values
  • Apply the 12 proven Leadership Engagement Behaviours
  • Provide results-focused feedback, both positive and constructive
  • Develop strategies to deal with bullying behaviour and other types of conflict
  • Practice self-care to ensure that you are staying engaged and energized
  • Communicate to achieve maximum alignment and build trust
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