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Meet The Author
Adele Spraggon
Shaped Within: Reshaping Weight Loss
Blending eastern wisdom with a western approach
~ Author Adele Spraggon
Sara's heart sinks as she steps on the scales to confirm what she already suspects to be true. She has gained back the entire 45 pounds that she worked so hard to lose. Heartbroken, Sara looks for a method that will free her once and for all from the trap of dieting. Her search brings her to Shaped Within where she discovers a unique approach to weight loss that dramatically transforms her relationship to her body and makes dieting a thing of the past.

In Shaped Within: Reshaping Weight Loss, Adele Spraggon outlines the unique method for weight loss that is sure to turn your next diet into your last. Told as a narrative, Adele's storytelling is as instructive as it is enthralling. Best of all, you will find woven throughout the story the powerful process and actionable steps to cause your own weight loss success.
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