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Meet The Author
Robin Smith
Robin Smith is a highly energetic and resourceful entrepreneur, well-known for her extensive community involvement and business accomplishments. Robin is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and owner of 24/7 NRG Fitness, a popular 24-hour gym in Keswick, Ontario.
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In addition to serving on the Board of Directors with her local Chamber of Commerce for many years, she has organized fundraisers and events such as The Georgina Mini-Marathon and Terry Fox Run in her area. She is passionate about helping others succeed and is an exceptional example of what she shares in Jump For Joy When Your Dreams Come True.
Jump For Joy When Your Dreams Come True
A Guide to Show You How
~ Author Robin Smith
Jump for Joy When Your Dreams Come True is a great read and a wonderful resource for all. Have you ever met someone who had everything they wanted, someone whose days and nights were filled with the joy of success and happiness? Have you ever wondered if you could have that too? The truth is you can.

People who are living their dreams are regular people like you and me; they've just figured out how to keep the vision of their dreams at the forefront, and larger than any challenge or fear they must face. Robin Smith's journey will inspire you to get uncomfortable with the norm, step outside your comfort zone, daydream a little, and make your own dreams come true. By using the seven steps outlined in this book, you will gain the wisdom and the power to move from imagination to reality in your own life.

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