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Meet The Author
Sarah Williams
Sarah is a vibrant young woman who has learned to focus her thoughts in such a way as to see true joy in all of life's experiences. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, now studying Medical Anthropology with a goal towards understanding the interplay between culture, emotional identity, and healing methods.
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Sarah leads by example, and is committed to practicing whatever she coaches her clients to embody. She loves to dance, and encourages all of us to express our love for life through a favourite creative outlet.
Growing You
Your Journey Inward Begins At This Place
~ Author Sarah Williams
Growing You was created to share Sarah's ideas on gaining wellness through a holistic perspective; beginning with an exploration of the thoughts we have and the actions that evolve as a result.

This book was written in response to an annual 5-week program which she hosts each spring entitled Grow You. Participants work with Sarah personally to move through the four main concepts of the program, as she listens and guides them along their way, and provides individualized exercises to create further learning. Growing You solidifies Sarah's personal message that there's so much we can do to manifest and live our ideal life. Its handy, easy-to-follow steps are sure to become a pocket necessity to all of us interested in personal growth.
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