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Mary Louise Jarvis
A Mother's Memoir
Living While Dying
~ Author Mary Louise Jarvis
In A Mother' Memoir ~ Living While Dying, the author, Mary Louise Jarvis, shares her courageous life from the profoundly sad and difficult parts of losing four of her children to Cystic Fibrosis, to her amazing attitude and spirit as she has taken each step in her journey.

"In spite of the fact that my children lived with this incurable disease, which would inevitably take their lives at a very young age, they were happy well-adjusted people," Mary Louise imparts. "I am not sure just how old each one was when they actually realized they would not live to a ripe old age; however, I believe with the way I raised them they were more interested in living each day to the fullest, knowing they might not be here tomorrow . . . By telling my story, I hope that people will be more aware of how truly precious every day is, and will be encouraged to live a life that is even more fulfilling for them and their family."

A Mother's Memoir will grip you with emotion and compassion, and give you much to think about in your own journey.
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