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Meet The Author
Annabella Stoyke
Annabella Stoyke grew up on a 200-acre farm in the Muskoka region of central Ontario. Her fondness for animals of all kinds, and her concern for the environment, started at a very young age. This keen awareness matured and continued throughout her formal education, culminating with an Honours BSc in Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Toronto, Canada.
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Publishing the ABC Adventure Series, beginning with Christy Solves a Mystery, has been a lifelong dream of Annabella's. In fact, the storyline first came to her in high school. Fortunately for us, an English teacher provided great feedback and support, encouraging Annabella to keep her dream alive. Now this entertaining story is revealed, and it is one that is sure to spur Annabella on to teach and nurture young minds and share her passion in this exciting way.

It's not surprising that Annabella can be found pursuing her deep desire to make a difference by volunteering to work with wildlife, travelling the world to see a vast variety of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, and then giving them a voice by sharing her delightful stories with us.
Christy Solves a Mystery
Featuring North American Animals
~ Author Annabella Stoyke
Illustrated by Jenna Stewart.

The ABC Adventure Series provides children with the entertaining intrigue of solving a mystery and, at the same time, a great educational platform to learn about their environment through the recognition of the alphabet and basic numbers. In addition to this, there is space within each book for the reader to practice their letters and numbers while searching for them amidst the realistic illustrations of the wildlife they love in their natural habitat.

In this first book of the series, Christy Solves a Mystery, we feature North American animals. While education is the main goal, it's essential to encourage children to have an emotional connection to the environment. Equally as important, they need to understand that all our activities have an impact on the world, adversely and otherwise. Many animals are becoming extinct because of human actions that have not been well thought out. We need to teach respect and instill awareness of the planet, and all that inhabits it, at a very early age. That is the intention of this series, so that our environment and wild life will be preserved and flourish for generations to come.
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