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Meet The Author
Chai Harjo
As the founder of Down to Earth Mentoring, Chai Harjo takes his responsibility and commitment to those he mentors very seriously. His passion for helping others realize their real estate investing dreams, combined with his simple and straight-forward approach, have contributed to the success of many entrepreneurs on a similar path.
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Currently, Chai's full-time work is as an IT professional, yet it's his expertise and enthusiasm for real estate investing that continues to expand his horizons, turning his own goals into reality for himself and his family. Chai also loves teaching kids how money and wealth work and believes so much is possible when we empower young minds.
Down-to-Earth Canadian Real Estate Success
Believing in Yourself and Achieving Your Goals
~ Author Chai Harjo
In his second book, Down-to-Earth CANADIAN Real Estate Success, Chai Harjo goes beyond the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. Relating his own real estate investment career to what he's learned over the years, Chai touches upon such fundamental issues as:
  • Managing your time more efficiently
  • Planning strategically and staying organized
  • Communicating well and consistently with your team
  • Inspiring your family members to believe in your dreams
  • Bolstering your own confidence to stay the course

With this book, Chai's goal is to present the type of motivational and cautionary insights that can help aspiring investors carve out their own path proudly. Some of Chai's friends and colleagues also offer snippets of their stories to reflect the ups and the downs, triumphs and hiccups, as well as the exciting successes that can be enjoyed through real estate investing.
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