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Meet The Author
Sheri Andrunyk
Sheri Andrunyk has a deep passion and expertise for creating profound change and inspiring sustainable growth in her own life, as well as the lives of others.

She is committed to lifelong learning and believes in giving your best to everything you do. Whether through individual coaching sessions, seminars, or the written word, Sheri aptly and thoughtfully guides and mentors her clients to help them to achieve their goals and enjoy the meaningful success that comes with dedicated effort.
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She opens wide the doors of possibility for everyone she meets, and believes that we all have seeds of greatness within us that we must cultivate and use to make a difference in our homes, communities, businesses, and abroad. Read more . . .
Do You Have a Book in You?
Straight Talk to Take You From Concept to Reality
~ Author Sheri Andrunyk
Most of us have at least one book in us! If you think you do and you can't stop thinking about it, keep reading . . .

Here's what industry experts are saying about Do You Have a Book in You?

"Publisher, Sheri Andrunyk offers answers to questions all writers have before, during, and after they have penned a book.

Writers must recognize there are two significantly different realms to strive for confidence and success in, if our books are to be brought into the world. There is the creative process where we agonize over our voice, our message and the way we want to sound, but also the business of writing. This includes how to go from first draft to manuscript, and then from manuscript to published book. Do You Have a Book in You? walks you through this journey offering the sage advice of a writing coach and the mentoring language of a business adviser.

This e-book is a mandatory handbook for everyone who has a book in them."

Patti M. Hall - Author, Memoir Writing Coach
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"Sheri Andrunyk explains, in simple terms, the various options of getting your book published, from self to traditional to partner publishing. The book details why an editor is essential in creating the best possible book, how and when to hire a designer, and if the book should be printed digitally or offset. And if it's an e-book you are planning, here too, Sheri shares her expertise.

What is a book without marketing? Get expert advice from Do You Have a Book In You? to make your publication a great success."

Heidy Lawrance - Owner, We Make Books - Production and Design
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