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Meet The Author
Erin King
Erin King is a resident of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and has owned and operated her foot and lower limb care practice, Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd., in her community since 1999. Erin credits her motivation to pursue nursing to her many years as a national level competitive gymnast. Understanding the power of the human frame as a competitive athlete, while mastering the fluidity of movement with grace and style, ignited Erin's passion to learn more about the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the foot and lower limbs.
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A graduate of the nursing program studying the healing curriculum at both the RN and RPN levels, Erin has obtained her licence as a Registered Practical Nurse. She has worked in the nursing field for twenty-five years; in hospitals (focussing on complex chronic care and rehabilitation), long-term care facilities, and in private practice. The culmination of her postgraduate studies in foot and lower limb care and the experience and proficiency she has amassed over two decades in the field of Podortho® Nursing has served her patients and students well at her busy clinic, Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. in Barrie, Ontario.

Erin is a former educator of the advanced nursing foot care program at the Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario campus, and has presented to many colleagues over the years at podiatry and nursing conferences, teaching her specialized protocols and offering her expertise in the latest technologies in foot and lower limb care and business motivation.

Erin is the founder of the Ontario Podortho® Nursing Association Inc. (OPNA), a not-for-profit organization that supports their member nurses in career objectives by promoting the role of the Podortho® Nurse in interdisciplinary healthcare settings or independent practice.
Feet for Life Podortho® Nursing Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care
Erin D King, Registered Practical Nurse, Pordortho® Nurse and Educator
~ Author Erin King
This foot care textbook is intended to support continuing education for Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses Extended Class (Nurse Practitioners) who wish to obtain post-graduate studies in foot and lower limb care. Further to this, upon receiving a completion grade in this comprehensive course and joining as a member of the not-for-profit organization, The Ontario Podortho® Nursing Association Inc., practitioners will be able to utilize the trademark title, Podortho® Nurse.

This textbook is a resource tool for classroom and clinical instruction prepared by Erin King, a Registered Practical Nurse and Podortho® Nurse. Erin has two decades of community and private practice experience, specializing in foot and lower limb care.

Studying and practicing Podortho® Nursing is an exciting journey. Erin King's Advanced Nursing Foot and Lower Limb Care course provides each practitioner with cutting-edge skills to deliver all-encompassing care to their patients/clients. Practitioners are taught how to address their patient/clients' initial foot and lower limb concerns and translate how those conditions affect one's general health and everyday life. Additionally, practitioners will learn concepts involving prevention strategies and education for their patients/clients, as well as advanced skills utilizing tools, technologies, and holistic treatment options.
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This course provides practitioners with the knowledge and expert judgment needed to provide advanced foot and lower limb care. In doing so, they will develop the confidence to deliver optimal Podortho® Nursing care once passing this course. In addition, practitioners will expand their knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, and biomechanics of the human body (specific to the lower limb within their scope of practice). Practitioners will complete this course with the information, resources, and confidence to practice foot and lower limb care independently or in an interdisciplinary setting.
Book Format
Paperback Format
$235 plus tax and handling (highly illustrated, 228 pages)

OPNA members: rec. 20% off. Code avail. through OPNA.

This book is only available to students registered with Feet for Life School of Podortho Nursing or members of OPNA. Contact Erin King (fflspn@feetforlife.ca or (705) 812-2272, ext. 3) for more info and approval. If you proceed to order this textbook without approval and it is not given, there will be a $12 handling fee deducted from your return payment.
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