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Meet The Author
Allan Carswell
Dr. Allan Carswell is the founder and president of the Carswell Family Foundation supporting community work in education and healthcare. He has served as a board member of several research institutes, charitable, and industrial corporations.

In 1974 Dr. Allan and Helen Carswell launched Optech Incorporated which grew to 300 employees serving global markets from its locations in Toronto, Belgium, and the United States. In 2015 Optech was purchased by Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and continues today as Teledyne Optech, playing an ever-leading role in the international provision of advanced laser systems.
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In 2007 Dr. Carswell served as NASA's Co-Investigator, Meteorology, for the Phoenix mission. In recognition of their groundbreaking contribution to this mission, Allan along with his wife, Helen, and other members of the Phoenix mission team had their names engraved on a silicon mini-DVD on the Phoenix spacecraft remaining on the surface of Mars.

Dr. Carswell is a recipient of the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute.
Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom
My Part-time Jobs 1943–1956
~ Author Allan Carswell
Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom is Allan Carswell's third book in less than a year–a memorable year at that. He writes in his usual unassuming, reflective, and remarkably witty style, offering the reader a fascinating glimpse into days gone and an important snapshot into the history we must value and remember.

Allan says his life has been heavily influenced by serendipity–the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought. Such chance events can present totally unexpected results of extremely high importance, and they are often considered lucky. An event of good fortune can be accepted quite passively, but if the event is serendipitous, one must have the initiative and courage to actively respond.

In recording some of his early work experiences in Lasting Lessons Beyond the Classroom, although unaware at the time, Allan recognizes the positive contribution they made to his overall lifetime of learning. He hopes those who are curious and drawn to its message will find benefit and encouragement, especially the younger generations who may be wondering how to make sense of the seemingly inconsequential opportunities in front of them and perhaps are at crossroads of their own.
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