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Meet The Author
Sharon Permack
In September of 2006, Sharon Permack was diagnosed with breast cancer and chronic pulmonary disease. At that time, she had little resilience and very few coping skills. She was afraid but determined to find answers for her treatment, putting no limits on the possibilities.
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Sharon turned to an integrative approach using western medicine and holistic complementary treatments to help support her healing and recovery. Energy therapies and their intrinsic value were a game changer for her in healing and saving her life. She was so inspired by the results she became a practitioner.

As an Energy Therapy Practitioner and Wellness Advocate she mentors and guides women through their own healing journey battling breast cancer and other health challenges. Sharon's passion is to inspire others to join the movement towards understanding and embracing integrative healthcare and holistic living to create vibrant health.
Millions of Knots
Discovering My Light Through Cancer
~ Author Sharon Permack
In Millions of Knots: Discovering My Light Through Cancer, author Sharon Permack bravely and unabashedly tells her story-including what she learns-going through the frightening experience of breast cancer and other serious health issues. You witness Sharon's resolve in action as she finds inner strength, her inner warrior and commitment to do whatever is needed to heal her body, mind, and spirit.

Sharon empowers women to make choices that are right for them, to be powerful advocates for their health and embrace self-care. Within her story are gems of awareness for you to explore your own healing and living from your heart.

Millions of Knots also offers family, friends, and caregivers glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of someone dealing with cancer and other chronic health issues to help them support their loved ones with new insights and understanding.
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Paperback Format
Price: $18.95, plus tax and shipping (160 pages)
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