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Meet The Author
Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo
Based on Melanie's personal experiences with respect to the lack of support and opportunities to foster independence for individuals with disabilities, she founded Connect 4 Life and Voices 4 Ability. Melanie has assisted hundreds of people through her training program, An Accessible Voice in Broadcasting; it's an enriching life-skills course, the first of its kind, which helps participants access education and training to achieve their dreams.
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Melanie has been an accomplished Toastmaster since 2014. Today, she shares her message to encourage and enable others—entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders alike—to embrace life's challenges and overcome adversity with dignity and ease.
My Unforeseen Journey
Losing Sight Gaining Vision
~ Author Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo
My Unforeseen Journey: Losing Sight Gaining Vision is the deeply moving story of a young woman, Melanie Taddeo-Nxumalo, whose life changes drastically after suffering a massive stroke that leaves her legally blind and completely paralyzed on her left side. Melanie, the author of this empowering narrative, imparts her experiences in a unique and inspiring way, providing profound insights for the reader to relate to in their own unforeseen journeys.

After years of therapy, Melanie was able to regain her independence and go on to become the first legally blind teacher to graduate in Ontario–now a certified special education teacher with over ten years of experience in program development, fundraising, community outreach, volunteer management, and public speaking.

Melanie is a force of nature. Her deep-seated belief in the potential of everyone inspires all around her. Especially me.
Kai Black, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Melanie's spirit is apparent the moment she walks into a room . . . She is a true powerhouse who takes on every single day with a goal to always achieve the best.
Lizz Noble, filmmaker
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