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Meet The Author
Enza Falzone
Born in Toronto, Ontario, and currently residing in Caledon with her husband and two daughters, Enza Falzone (nee Sinaguglia), is a passionate life-long educator and learner. Having spent many years as a teacher and student in the public and private sectors in both recreational and academic settings, Enza has seen a multitude of learning and teaching styles. That being said, she feels that it's the uniqueness of each individual that determines how one learns best.
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Over more than twenty-five years as an educator, Enza has had the privilege of working with all ages. Regardless of gender, life experience, mental or emotional status, intellectual abilities, or age, ART has and always will be a meaningful conduit; it helps to increase learning success, self-esteem, and has an impact on social and emotional development and verbal and non-verbal communication.

The inspiration behind Paint From the Heart is as obvious as Enza's dedication and passion for encouraging her students to develop to their own fullest potential, especially those individuals with exceptionalities who, for whatever reason, often struggle to communicate using words.
Paint From the Heart
A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating Without Words
~ Author Enza Falzone
Paint From the Heart is a step-by-step guide to communicating without words, and features the concept of intuitive painting. This encourages one to let go of expectations of what their painting should look like and, instead, focus on the process of creating and painting. It's remarkably freeing and fun.

Open the pages and reveal your inner artist and your own unique way of expressing yourself using paint, colour, and the beauty in nature. The insights and guidance you'll find in Paint From the Heart will help you move away from self-criticism and toward a heart-centred, restorative, and creative space.

The author, Enza Falzone, has selectively compiled some of her personal paintings and lessons using simple techniques to inspire you.

Find your true self. Discover who you really are and embrace it. If you have trouble putting it into words, then Paint From the Heart and enjoy the journey.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
- Pablo Picasso
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Paperback Format
Price, $29 plus tax and shipping (60 pages).
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