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Meet The Author
Wendy D. Poole
Wendy Poole is a retired educator who resides in Markham, Ontario. She has worked in the Early Childhood Education field in both staff and management roles and was honoured to be part-time faculty at Seneca College. She has published two children's books and has written and piloted programs on parenting for newcomers to Canada and preschool literacy.
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Wendy has also been published several times in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and has penned a number of articles about Alzheimer's. Wendy's short story based on her own experiences with her mother was included in Hearts Linked by Courage – Honouring Loved Ones and Caregivers on the Dementia Journey.
Remembering – A Time of Great Purpose
~ Author Wendy D. Poole
As a young girl, Wendy loved listening to her mother as she told stories about her life. In 1997, she began recording her mom as she spoke about family, growing up, and her time in the Canadian Navy during WWII. Wendy still affectionately remembers that it was a very special yet sad time because she knew one day that her mom would no longer be able to recall those stories. For her, in fact, they would no longer exist; Alzheimer's would ultimately steal them. Then it became Wendy's turn to lovingly repeat the stories she recollected back to her mom, and she'd always begin with, "Your name is June . . ."

Remembering – A Time of Great Purpose is a series of deep and often heartbreaking stories of life events woven together about those who lived during World War II. For those on the home front, WWII became a part of daily life. They didn't see themselves as being or doing anything special, they simply carried the torch for those abroad and just did what needed to be done.
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For those who participated and survived the sea, air, and land battles on the frontlines as well as in secondary roles, it's when they pause in telling their stories and there is a momentary distant look in their eyes before they continue sharing, that we then learn how deeply affected they were–and still are–by those past experiences, because they, too, just did what needed to be done.
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