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Christine Wunder Patton
Showing Up - Becoming the Me I Want to Be
Aligning Your Life & Work for True Success
~ Author Christine Wunder Patton
For fifteen years, Christine Wunder Patton worked as a lawyer, judge, and mediator while raising her own son and daughter. Over those years, she took an active interest in youth activities, sports and personal development, enjoying mentoring young athletes in pursuit of their dreams. In 2004, Christine changed her own career focus to follow her true passion.

Now, Christine is a transformational coach and a highly knowledgeable and gifted speaker. She cares deeply about young people today and where they are headed in this new world. Since 2008, Christine has been speaking in schools, engaging her student audience about their goals, desires, obstacles, as well as the perceptions they have for their future.

Christine's book, Showing Up ~ Becoming the Me I Want To Be, melds cutting-edge research with powerful inspiration and hands-on exercises to help each person open up to his or her true potential. Students, young and old, gain a competitive edge as they look towards today's ever-shifting workplace and record high unemployment statistics.

Showing Up is an excellent and very comprehensive read for anyone who is seeking new insights on how to best align your life and work for true success.
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