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Meet The Author
Anita Heidema
Anita's credentials are extensive, including over 27 years of formal study and experience in management, high level sales, business and personal development, Harvard Business Management and teaching at Ryerson. Yet with all this, she still attributes her most valuable learning to the University of Life which she passionately shares in Vitality Knocks.
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A motivated and successful entrepreneur, hard-working single mom of two wonderful children, loving caregiver, and health awareness advocate and mentor, Anita is a great role model of what is possible when you never give up on your dreams and are committed to your own personal change and growth. Her motto is, "Instill an internal legacy to live fully and to your true potential. Learn, experience, and love.

Anita Heidema, chief engagement officer of the YIJ Group Inc., Master Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Reiki, also provides Get Away To Find Your Way travel experiences and workshops for corporations and individuals to focus and reach their full potential.
Vitality Knocks
Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul
~ Author Anita Heidema
Vitality is like every other woman, just like you and I, wondering what her purpose is, where her journey is leading, why certain things happen and how she is meant to share the new insights she gains with others...

The short stories in Vitality Knocks will enrich your soul, and help you recognize the valuable lessons in life that are meant especially for you. It is our choice what we do with what we learn. We all have experiences, good and bad, that can help us grow. Our minds control our body, make our fingers and toes move, and also trigger reactions based on our experiences. In order to live a happy and healthy life, we're meant to make positive adjustments along the way.

You will be encouraged to dream big, and work passionately doing something that you love, and enjoy every moment with those dearest to you.

Anita Heidema offers a refreshing perspective in Vitality Knocks. Each chapter packs a positive punch that will hit home, if you simply allow it to. A gentle reassessing of our own well-intending journey can go a long way in creating and living our best life.
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