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Meet The Author
Nikolina Ivankovic
Nikolina has been an active member of the Toastmaster community since 2013 promoting leadership and effective communication skills in District 86 as a Division L Director, member of the three clubs: Horizon Toastmaster, Burlington Advanced Club, and Raising Champions, and is a mentor to many people. Her love for the team and for personal growth attracted many creative members of the toastmasters community.
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Nikolina's passion for personal development came through her challenging life experiences in her early twenties and believing that life is to be lived and loved no matter what it brings to you. This led her to become a Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Leader in 2019. Through Louise Hay's philosophy on the importance and transformative effects of self-love that is the basis to love everything around you, Nikolina healed war and childhood wounds so that she was able to give birth to this book.
Where the Roses Grow
Touching Stories of Survival
~ Author Nikolina Ivankovic
"I was born in Zenica in what was then Yugoslavia. As a student at the University of Sarajevo, engaged to the love of my life, and settling into our home together, my life was going perfectly. As the first shots of the war in the former-Yugoslavia rang out, I had no idea just how much everything in my world would be turned around. Storytelling has always been part of who I am-first in my native Croatian, and now speaking and writing in my adopted English.

This book is the story of my family's escape from Sarajevo, a fleeting solace in my hometown of Zenica, then through Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally into Canada. Every step of the way the frontlines followed us, minefields surrounded us, militiamen and bureaucrats threatened us, and safety eluded us. To me this book is about hope. A hope that even in the chaos of it all there are safe havens to be found, love to be shared, and the chance at a better tomorrow. This book is about the humanity that keeps me sane and the empathy and friendship that binds us in the darkest of places. More deeply, it is about the call to see past our differences and embrace our shared family in the universal siblinghood of humanity."

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