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Meet The Author
Cameron Austin
With a degree in Environment and Resource Management, as well as Outdoor and Experiential Education, Cameron is also a special education resource teacher. Naturally, his students adore his creativity within the classroom and practical approach to teaching and learning.
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Musically, Cameron has collaborated with Canadian aboriginal recording artist Sakoieta Widrick, JUNO award winner Erroll Starr, and Melissa McClelland of Whitehorse.

Cameron's music can be purchased through iTunes and CD Baby.
Empress and the Prairie Girl
~ Author Cameron Austin
Illustrated by Jenna Stewart.
One summer morning, while sitting on the front porch with his wife who was expecting their first child, author, Cameron Austin, picked up a guitar and crafted a sweet song. It beautifully reflected his wishes for his unborn daughter that she would not grow up too quickly and lose the dreams of her childhood. Set in the backdrop of the expansive skies and golden fields of the prairies, the story tells of the special friendship between a young girl and a wild horse.

It is Cameron's hope that fathers everywhere will love sharing this story and song with their daughters. To add to the meaningful moments this lovely little book will certainly deliver, it is exquisitely illustrated by artist, Jenna Stewart. Cameron concludes the story with easy-to-follow sheet music, so you can read or sing along.

Growing up under the influence of Harry Chapin and other singer-songwriters of that era, it seemed only natural for Cameron to pen a story song for his daughter. A singer-songwriter and guitarist himself, Cameron is easily moved and profoundly influenced by life events and loves to be embroiled in the creative process, especially when collaborating with other artists.
Book Format
Paperback Format
Price, $12.95, plus tax & shipping (28 pages)
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